Herion Solenoid Valves

Herion Solenoid Valves
Herion specialise in NAMUR Solenoid Valves, Remote mounted Solenoid Valves, Pilot operated spool valves and Direct & Indirect solenoid actuated poppet valves.
Herion valves can be electrically or pneumatically operated and are used to pilot larger actuators or cylinders. The valves can handle both clean and contaminated fluids and body and seal materials can be selected to suit the application. Herion solenoid valves are available with a wide range of different certifications and approvals and can be used in aggressive or ATEX environments. Herion NAMUR solenoid valves can be easily fitted to actuators or valves having the standard interface.
MGA Controls have supplied Herion to the marketplace for over 30 years, and with ex-Herion staff as part of our workforce, we are well-equipped to specify and supply Herion’s range of solenoid valves & NAMUR valves.

Herion Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Actuated NAMUR Valves – 3/2 and 5/2 function in one valve
Herion solenoid valve - 97100 series
NAMUR solenoid valves for filtered / lubricated / non-lubricated or dry compressed air. Compact design NAMUR solenoid valve for use with single and double acting actuators with lockable manual override and easily interchangeable solenoids.

  • Operating pressure: 2-8 Bar
  • Flow direction: Fixed
  • Temperatures: -25°C to +50°C
  • Connection 1: G1/4
  • Connection 3 & 5: G1/8
  • Materials: Aluminium Anodized
  • Pilot Flange/Seals: PBT/NBR
  • ATEX versions available


Direct Solenoid Actuated Poppet Valves – Herion 24011, 95000 & 96000 series
Herion solenoid valve - 24011 series
Solenoid valves for neutral or aggressive gaseous or liquid fluids. The main application for these Herion solenoid valves is for actuating ‘single operated process actuators’. These valves are suitable for safety systems to SIL 4 or AK7.

  • Operating pressure: Range from 0-40 Bar
  • Flow: 340 l/min
  • Flow direction: Optional
  • Fluid temperature: Range from -40°C to +120°C
  • Materials: Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminium Anodized
  • Standard NAMUR type manifold system for easy assembly
  • ATEX versions available
  • Types in stock: Herion 24011 series, Herion 95000 series, Herion 96000 series


Indirect Solenoid Actuated Poppet Valves – Herion 80200 series
Herion solenoid valve - 80200 series
Solenoid valves for filtered / lubricated / non-lubricated or dry compressed air. Herion indirect solenoid valves can be optionally pilot operated by external pilot source.

  • Operating pressure:10 Bar maximum
  • Flow: from 5000 to 18000 l/m (orifice size G1/2 – G1)
  • Temperature: -10°C to +60°C
  • Materials: Aluminium

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