Val-Matic SwingFlex Check Valve

Val-Matic SwingFlex Check Valve
Valmatic’s Swing-Flex Check Valves boast efficiency, reliability and superior performance through innovative technology and simplicity of design.
The Swing-Flex Check Valves are Swing Check valves or Non-return valves (NRV’s) and are suited to almost any application such as raw water, wastewater treatment, sea water, irrigation, abrasive slurries, corrosive chemicals, desalinations, fire protection, mining and industrial applications. The SwingFlex Check valve is now available in WRAS certified materials, meaning the check valve is suitable to potable water or clean water applications.

Resilient Hinge Check Valves

The SwingFlex Check valve complies fully with the WIMES specification and is referred to as ‘Resilient Hinge Check Valves’.
The valve type ‘Resilient Hinge Check Valve’ is a new addition within WIMES and is described as;

A combined hinge and disc of moulded elastomer, steel reinforced but fully encapsulated with integral drop-tight O-ring, 45° seat and 35° stroke.

A resilient hinge check valves operates faster than a Ball or Swing Check with or without the facility to speed up closure and was originally designed to work clog-free in the vertical.

Click on the pdf’s below to learn more about our innovative product Swing-Flex Resilient Hinge Check Valves, which are WIMES compliant and fully approved for use in UK water and wastewater applications.


Overview of SwingFlex Check Valves:

Benefits of the SwingFlex Check Valve
Val-Matic SwingFlex Valve

  • 100% Flow Area: The streamlined contour of the Swing-Flex body means there are no restrictions at any point through the valve, and minimal head loss across the valve.
  • Disc stabilisation: In the full open position, the disc is stabilised by using body contouring to ease the direction of flow towards the disc assuring long disc life.
  • Reinforced disc: The one piece precision moulded disc is steel and nylon reinforced to provide years of trouble free performance.
  • Non-clog design: Unrestricted 100% flow area, smooth streamlined body contouring and the simplicity of one moving part allows passage of large solids, minimising the potential for clogging.
  • Non-slam by design: Non-slam is achieved by utilising a “Short Disc Stroke” (35 degree stroke) in conjunction with the unique “Memory Flex action” of the valve’s disc. This reduces potentially destructive water hammer.
  • Positive shut off by design: The Memory-flex disc with its integral O-ring type seal design assures drop tight seating at both high and low working pressures.
  • Only one moving part (Memory-Flex disc): no packing or O-rings, mechanical hinges, pivot pins or bearings to wear out, meaning reliability, long life and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Reliability by design: Above features coupled with 1,000,000 independent cycle test allows for a 25 year warranty on the flexible portion of the disc.
  • Rubber lining: Highly suited for systems containing abrasive or corrosive fluids.
  • Backflow actuator (optional): The body of the Swing-Flex Check Valve is drilled and tapped for installation of optional backflow actuator.
  • Disc Position indicator: Provides clear indication of the valve’s disc position. A SCADA compatible limit switch can also be provided.

MGA Controls Ltd are fully trained and committed to the Val-Matic product range. With a long standing partnership, exclusivity in the market-place, and success in specifying Val-Matic’s products into the UK water industry, we have plenty of experience and technical expertise. For any enquiries or technical advice please call our experts on 44 (0) 870 803 2001 or send us an enquiry.

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