Val-Matic Tilted Disc Check Valve

Val-Matic Tilted Disc Check Valve Explained
Val-Matic Tilted Disc Check Valve provides both low head count and non-slam performance and are ideal for almost any application such as potable water, raw water, wastewater treatment, sea water, irrigation, abrasive slurries, corrosive chemicals, desalinations, fire protection, mining and industrial applications.

Features and Benefits of Val-Matic Tilted Disc Check Valve:

Overview of Val-Matic Tilted Disc Check Valve
Val-Matic Tilted Disc-check-valve
Streamlined body contouring: ensures low head count
Enlarged Flow Area: Flow area is 40% greater than nominal pipe size, ensuring low head count
Hydrodynamic Discs: Provides disc stabilisation which ensures low head count
Angled-Seat Design: Minimise disc travel providing quick closing and reduced water hammer
Eccentrically Mounted Disc: Prevents water slamming
Top or bottom mounted dash pots: Prevents water slamming and surges (for systems with extreme conditions such as excessively high shut-off heads or volatile reverse flows)
Quick disconnect coupling: Allows for easy dashpot removal
Dual by-pass: Allows for backwashing screens and draining
Tapered seat and disc with wear-resistant materials: Ensures tight seating and long life, even in the most severe applications
Lift & Tilt seat action: Prevents wear
Disc position indicator: For open/close indication and SCADA compatible switches

Tilted Disc Check Valve Datasheet/Specifications
Tilted Disc Check Valve Brochure

MGA Controls Ltd are fully trained and committed to the Val-Matic product range. With a long standing partnership, exclusivity in the market-place, and success in specifying Val-Matic’s products into the UK water industry, we have plenty of experience and technical expertise. For any enquiries or technical advice please call our experts on 44 (0) 870 803 2001 or send us an enquiry.

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