Val-Matic Air Valves

Val-Matic Air Valves
Val-Matic offer the most comprehensive range of Air Valves in the industry. Val-Matic’s Air Valves are essential for achieving an effective and efficient application. Their innovative designs and value-adding features help maintain system efficiency by venting air thus reducing any flow restriction and consequential pumping costs and provide important system protection thus reducing the potential for destructive surges and water hammer.

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Features and Benefits of Val-Matic Air Valves:

Val-Matic Air Valves For clean water applications
Valmatic air valve 
  • Unconditionally guaranteed stainless steel floats: Guaranteed from corrosion, collapse and leakage for the whole life of the valve.

  • Simple Lever and Compound Lever Models: Suitable for low flow rates (simple) and high flow rates (compound) – ability to balance cost with mechanical advantage.
  • Type 316 Stainless steel trim: Provides the greatest protection from aggressive waters, corrosive media and potential hydrogen sulphide exposure.
  • Guided floats: Assures the float approaches the centre of the seat every time to provide a positive drop tight seal ensuring reliability and zero-leakage.
  • Resilient seating for positive shut-off: Seats contain raised sealing beads and a unique flex edge that provide consistent shut-off from the lowest system pressure to the valve’s rated working pressure.
  • Full size of flow area: Inlets and outlets are equal to or larger than the area of the nominal valve size, providing maximum protection (for Air-Vacuum Valves).
  • Performance proven for over 40 years: Proven reliability and long-life

For wastewater applications
Valmatic Swingflex air valve

  • Fusion bonded epoxy coatings: Specialist baked-on interior coatings minimise the build-up of sewage on the inside of the valve – no need for backwashing, reduces maintenance, clogging and prevents corrosion of the valve.

  • Extended length of bodies with sloped bottom designs: Prevent solid material from reaching the operating mechanism & accelerates closure to reduce leakage and clogging of the valve.
  • Self-cleaning float guides: Float stems pass through round stainless steel bushings which prevent the build-up of debris or scale and cleans the bushings in the process (for Air-Vacuum Valves).
  • Light weight stainless steel internal construction: Eliminates corrosion of the valve

Extra Features of Combination Air Valves

  • Single body incorporates both features within one valve: More compact and economical.

  • Dual body consists of two independent valves: Allows individual maintenance while still protecting pipeline and offers a wider range of sizing options.
  • Inlets and outlets are equal to full nominal size: Providing maximum protection

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