08 Mar 16
The Buschjost 82400 Solenoid operated diaphragm valve has been specially designed to handle water in the treatment process of wastewater. In this article, we explain why these versatile valves are ideal for chemical dosing applications. Water is one of the most valuable resources on Earth and individuals and companies alike are becoming more responsible about the effective treatment and recycling..
01 Mar 16
In this article, MGA Controls gives you our guide to gas solenoid valves. We explain what they are, how they function, common types and their typical applications. Gas solenoid valves are as versatile as they are useful. Translating electrical impulses, to open and close the valve, they control the flow of gas in a wide range of industrial and residential applications. What is a gas solenoid valve? Gas..

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18 Feb 15
When MGA Controls were called in to provide control instrumentation at an adhesive company in the North West of England, a simple Norgren M/50901 pneumatic timer and pneumatic cylinder solution was all it took to guarantee the safety of their customer’s workforce. Norgren’s adhesives plant application The hazardous environment of an adhesives plant presents uniquely challenging safety..

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13 Feb 15
The Val-Matic Swing-Flex™ Resilient Hinge Check Valve (RHCV) has been used in wastewater and clean water applications around the world for nearly 30 years. The significant benefits of the Swing-Flex™ check valve can now be realised in clean water applications across the UK, as this innovative valve not only meets the British Standards for check valves and is WIMES compliant, it is also available..
11 Feb 15
Most FRLs comprise three elements – Filter, Regulator and Lubricator – but an FRL from Norgren gives you one extra component: 80 years of air preparation experience that guarantees the highest levels of performance, quality, value and energy-efficiency. Benefits of a Norgren FRL The benefits of a Norgren FRL include: More effective filtering of moisture content and other impurities More constant..
10 Feb 15
Air should ordinarily cost us nothing. But that certainly isn’t the case when it comes to compressed air, which – believe it or not – can be ten times more costly than electricity. That’s when you take into account: the generation, transmission, treatment and system costs. So it’s absolutely essential to make sure that your compressed air is as cost-effective as it possibly can be. When..
21 Oct 14
Northumbrian Water has given MGA Controls confirmation that the Val-Matic NRV has now been adopted for use for appropriate applications across Northumbrian Water sites in North East England and its sites in Essex and Suffolk. This recommendation has been made based on existing installations at the company sites and endorsements from a number of other UK Water Companies. Statement from Northumbrian..
09 Oct 14
How do solenoid valves work? Here’s the engineering behind solenoid valve operation – the solenoid valve uses an electromagnetic solenoid coil to change the state of a valve from open to closed or closed to open. If the solenoid valve is ‘normally closed’, when the coil is energized, the valve gets lifted open by the electromagnetic force produced by the coil. This is why a solenoid valve is..
01 Oct 14
With over 30 years’ experience specifying and supplying Herion Solenoid Valves, Pressure Switches and Hydraulic products – the team at MGA Controls are proud to be the No 1 supplier of the Herion brand. Herion are part of the Norgren group Herion have been part of the Norgren Group since 1997. Herion products are known in the industry for their superior quality and innovative design and therefore..

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29 Sep 14
The WIMES specification differentiates between Resilient hinge check valves and Recoil resilient hinge check valves. Both check valves are types of Non-Return Valves, and both are used in pumping applications across the UK to prevent back-flow of a liquid or gaseous media and to protect the pump from the damaging surge pressures of water hammer following pump shut-down. What is a Resilient hinge check..