01 Sep 16
Pneumatic cylinders are most commonly used in the engineering and manufacturing industries to generate motion from the build-up of a pressurised gas. Of course, the type of pneumatic cylinder you require will vary depending on the specific application and industry. Pneumatic cylinders are also commonly known as air cylinders; due to the way the instrument operates. What are the types of pneumatic..
26 Aug 16
A filter regulator lubricator, also knowns as an FRL box set, is a pre-assembled air preparation kit that includes a range of components, designed to offer a complete air treatment solution. The box set commonly includes a filter/regulator and a lubricator, with the associated fittings and wall mounting brackets. Other accessories can also be added to a combined FRL box set, including pressure switches..
25 Aug 16
A lubricator for a pneumatic system provides lubrication to internal working parts of pneumatic tools and components, including actuating cylinders, valves and motors. The device injects a stream of oil into the airline, ensuring they perform at the optimum level at all times. Here, MGA Controls provides more information about pneumatic lubricator functions. What is the purpose of a lubrication..
24 Aug 16
A pneumatic filter is a critical system component that can prevent premature failure of your pneumatic machinery. The filter is a device designed to remove harmful water or contaminants from a compressed air stream. Here at MGA Controls, we have compiled a list of need to know information about pneumatic filters. Types of pneumatic filters In order to make effective air filtration possible, it is important..
23 Aug 16
A pressure regulator is a type of valve that takes the upstream pressure of a compressed air system, and regulates it down to a pre-determined level so that it is suitable for use with other components of the system. They are used to allow high pressure air supplies to be reduced to a safe and usable pressure for different applications. Here, MGA Controls gives you all the need to know information..
26 Apr 16
When looking for pneumatic cylinders, the holy grail is a pneumatic cylinder design that can save on costs, energy, maintenance and installation time. Norgren pride themselves with manufacturing cylinders that will achieve exactly these parameters and more. Introducing Norgren’s IVAC pneumatic cylinders The IVAC cylinder is a powerful, robust and aesthetically pleasing unit with many unique features,..

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21 Apr 16
Safety valves offer vital protection to personnel and expensive machine parts, which is why MGA Controls recommends Herion safety valves for the ultimate in safety standards. Whether for mechanical or pneumatic presses, amusement park facilities, emergency brake systems, handling systems or robots, process control or special machines, Herion has a safety valve to suit the application and protect people..
20 Apr 16
FRLs normally comprise three main elements; a Filter, Regulator and Lubricator. But there’s one additional extra in Norgren’s Excelon Pro patented NFRL, which gives it an operational edge over standard FRLs – Norgren’s unsurpassable expertise. The ‘N’ in NRFL stands for ‘Norgren’, and that’s the extra component that makes all the difference. It guarantees the highest levels..
29 Mar 16
IP converters for gas can be valuable tools in controlling the flow of gas in applications such as gas distribution networks. By controlling the output pressure of the gas, they can deliver the correct gas volumes precisely where it is needed for use. This can not only save on gas costs, it is also valuable in terms of safety by preventing potentially dangerous gas from venting to the environment...
23 Mar 16
The incredibly versatile solenoid valve has been a mainstay of industrial applications since the early 1900s. In this article, Paul Trevitt, Operations & Engineering Manager for Bürkert UK & Ireland, talks us through the evolving design improvements of these humble yet mighty valves. Solenoid valves are the most frequently used control elements in fluidics. Their role can be to shut-off,..