Val-Matic Check Valves

Check Valves Explained
Val-Matic offers the most comprehensive range of Check Valves in the industry. The Check Valves have been designed with the end user in mind; Val-Matic appreciates the need to balance the importance of slamming characteristics and head loss with cost of purchase and cost of maintenance and energy saving. Therefore, in the design of their 5 difference Check Valve lines, Val-Matic have utilised technology that specifically overcomes problems and issues commonly associated with Check Valves in water and waste water applications.

Features and Benefits of Check Valves:

Overview of Check Valvess
Valmatic check valve
Patented Anti-slamming design and technology: Reduces slamming as a result of water hammer, headloss, turbulence and the associated surges and build-up of reverse backflow.
Contoured bodies and smooth flow paths: Ensures low head loss, anti-clog and disc stabilisation.
Unique closing characteristics: Short disc travel and Memory Flex portion of the disc minimises slamming potential ensuring low head loss, anti-clog and disc stabilisation.
Fusion bonded epoxy coating: Specialist baked-on interior coatings minimise the build-up of sewage on the inside of the valve – reduces maintenance, clogging and prevents corrosion & abrasion of the valve.

Valmatic’s comprehensive range of Check Valves

  • Tilted Disc Check Valve

  • Dual Disc Check Valve
  • SwingFlex Check Valve
  • Silent Check Valve
  • SURGEBUSTER Check Valve

The range of Check Valves are available in a wide range of matallurgies, seating materials, sizes and various other options, and can meet the requirements of many applications, from potable water, to abrasive slurries and corrosive chemicals.

The main features of Valmatic’s wide range of products is their anti-slamming design and technology. All Check Valves are designed in a way which reduces water slamming, headloss, turbulence and the associated surges and build up of reverse backflow.

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