Compact Unit

Ashcroft GC30 and GC31 ultra compact digital pressure sensors measure only 1.2” square.  They are equipped with a 1-5Vdc analog output, 3 1/2 digit LED display and dual programmable switch contacts.


Three in One Function

Ashcroft miniature pressure sensors are superior as they perform the functions of a pressure transducer, digital pressure gauge and pressure switch all in one.  However all three operations do not need to be used for the unit to function.  If the user simply needs a digital pressure gauge they can operate the unit for that function only.  The only requirements needed for operation is a power supply and a connection to the pressure being measured.


Other Features

  • A panel mounting bracket is provided with the GC30 and back-connected mounting bracket for the GC31.
  • A min/max recall and adjustable analog scaling along with RoHS and CE compliance.
  • The front of the product has a keypad for the user to configure the settings. The instruction manual contains all of the necessary details needed to program the unit.
  • Electrical connections are made through an integral six foot, five conductor cable.



GC30 Ultra-Compact Digital Differential Pressure Sensor


Ideally suited for industrial automation due to its small size and high flexibility.

Low Differential & Gauge Pressure Ranges with 3-in-1 features.

The GC30 measures low differential pressures from 0/.25 through 0/25 H2O

and similar bidirectional ranges.

Clean, dry gases are introduced through two back mounted 4mm hose barbs.




Filter clogging/monitoring

Clean room pressure differential

Combustion intake flow rate detection

Fan speed control in HVAC systems

Vacuum/suction pressure sensing and control




Ultra-compact design ABS housing 1.2˝ x 1.2˝ (30mm x 30mm)

Combined three-in-one digital pressure gauge, switch and transducer

Simple “Push-Button” configurability for switch function and indicator lights allows user to adjust switch settings

Numerous standard pressure ranges available

  • Zero base and Bi-Directional
  • 0.25inH20 up to 25in H20

Bright 3 ½ LED digit display with switch indicator lights

2 x NPN or PNP programmable switch outputs

1-5Vdc Analog Output

Convenient mounting options with included panel mount adapter

1.5% Accuracy

Clean Dry Air / Non-corrosive Gases




GC31 Ultra-Compact Digital Pressure Sensor


Uniquely compact pressure sensor ideally suited for industrial automation due to its small size and high flexibility

Gauge & compound pressures ranges with 3-in-1 features

Equipped with Ashcroft’s film sensor that can monitor a wide variety of applications

Designed to monitor higher pressures in both gaseous and liquid media



Hydraulic presses, stamping equipment, lifts

Tire press vulcanization

Water/refrigerant or ammonia based cooling systems

Pressure monitoring on lubrication systems, alarm & control

Vacuum/Suction pressure monitoring and control



Combined Three-in-One digital pressure gauge, switch and transducer

Simple “push-button” configurability allows user to adjust switch settings and indicator lights

Numerous standard gauge and vacuum based ranges available

  • Available in gauge pressure from 0-50 to 0-1500psi and compound ranges up to 150 psi and vacuum

Versatile sensor includes a min./max. hold feature to record high and low pressure events, and adjustment for controlling display rates

Ultra-Compact ABS housing design 1.2˝ x 1.2˝ (30mm x 30mm)

3 ½” digit LED pressure display with switch indicator lights

2X NPN or PNP programmable switch outputs

1-5Vdc Analog Output

1.0% Accuracy

All Welded Stainless Steel Wetted Parts

Back and Lower Connect Versions

Analog scaling allows the user to configure the unit to any range within the full scale of the sensor range, while integrated switches offer the actuation and deadband to any points within the full scale range.

A choice of a back or bottom ¼” NPT pressure inlet allows the GC31 to be easily adapted to any installation requirement



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