A leading company in plastics and injection moulding technology ASV Stübbe have been producing valves and pumps for pipework construction for over 40 years.  They are a successful global company with production plants in Germany and China and subsidiaries in China, France, Holland, Spain, Poland, the Ukraine and Portugal.

ASV Stübbe develop, produce and market valves, pumps, measurement systems and control systems.  Their modern machinery and qualified engineers guarantee a consistent high quality.  In 1961 ASV Stübbe manufactured the first moulded ball valve that was fully made of plastic.  They since became pioneers in plastics’ and injection moulding and the following decades saw them produce numerous patented designs in measurement and control technology and pumps and valves.

Valves from ASV Stübbe

ASV Stübbe produce manual valves that are resistant against aggressive media such as ball valves, diaphragm valves, diaphragm gate valves, butterfly valves, pressure control valves and solenoid valves.

ASV products are implemented in environmental, chemical and surface technology wherever aggressive, corrosive and water endangering substances are handled according to the most stringent safety standards.

In response to the individual product requirements of their buyers ASV Stübbe use corrosion resistant metals and PVC-U, PVC-C, PP, PP-n, PE, PVDF, PTFE.  The sealing materials used by ASV Stübbe varies dependant on medium and stress.

Diaphragm Valves

Diaphragm valves are used for fluids containing a high proportion of solid particles.  Stübbe produce a range of diaphragm valves to fit your applications needs.

Stübbe Diaphragm Valves


  • Chemical plants
  • Water treatment


As shut off valves as well as controlling in process plants


Suitable for neutral, aggressive liquids or gaseous media even with abrasive particles provided that the components getting in contact with the medium are resistant at operating temperature according to the ASV resistance guide

Diaphragm Valve MV 308

  • Eternally controlled 2/2-way valve for neutral, aggressive or gaseous liquids
  • Compact design with high flow efficiency
  • All control functions possible by adding or removing the respective springs
  • Standard with lift limit and visual position indicator
  • Insensitive to highly contaminated fluids
  • Visual position indicator
  • Electroplating applications

Diaphragm Valve MV 310

  • Excellent control characteristics
  • Visual position indicator
  • Can be equipped with actuators

Diaphragm Valve MV 310 with pneumatic actuator

  • Excellent control characteristics
  • Visual position indicator
  • Control function
  • DN15- DN30 Standard visual position indicator
  • DN65 DN100 Optional with visual position indicator
  • Lift limit and manual emergency control
  • Excellent control throughout the entire closing and opening path of the valve

Diaphragm Valve MV 310 PCH

  • With manual emergency control
  • Visual position indicator
  • Removable handwheel
  • Control function

Diaphragm Valve MV 310 PCF

  • Optimal pig valve
  • Control function

The MV 308 Diaphragm Valve – Now with ATEX Approval

The MV 308 thermoplastic diaphragm valve has a clearance-free design that prevents the build-up of deposits and is resistant to;

  • Heavily contaminated fluids
  • Fluids that contain solid particles.

The MV308 diaphragm Valve has been granted ATEX approval RL 94/9/EC for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, so now the range of applications is even wider.

The MV 308 diaphragm valve has a compact design making it ideal for use in the smallest assembly group arrangements and distributor modules. 
The design permits operation up to a fluid pressure of 6 bar. The MV 308 is equipped with a lift limit and visual position indicator as standard. The diaphragm valve can be optionally fitted with a position feedback feature.