Noreva GmbH was founded in August 2001 and started with nine employees who were formerly employed by Mannesmann Demag, the inventor of the nozzle check valve. Noreva valves specialises in check valves and have developed a reputation for excellent quality and reliable products.

Located in the industrial area of Mönchengladbach in Germany, Noreva has been part of Goodwin PLC Group since 2007. All Noreva non-slam check valves deliver non-slam closure, low pressure loss, metal-to-metal sealing and maintenance-free reliability.

Noreva provides an array of check valves for industrial automation, including nozzle check valves, axial check valves and non-slam return valves. Whether liquid or gaseous fluids, Noreva GmbH can provide check valves to suit your application. Their valves are used across the industry in oil pipelines, chemical plants, compressor stations, power plants, water pumping stations and desalination plants.

MGA Controls’ technical experts are fully trained in the Noreva valves portfolio of products. To obtain an immediate quote, or for further information, contact our technical team on 01704 898980 or [email protected].

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