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Our range of Thermometers are available in a wide range of materials with various process connections and sizes.

MGA Controls Ltd can provide a comprehensive range of Temperature Gauges or Thermometers for use in many applications, including corrosive, high temperature, low temperature, and ATEX and hygienic applications. MGA Controls Ltd works closely with leading manufacturers in Temperature Measurement and Control Equipment such as Bourdon to ensure a complete solution can always be provided for any application.

MGA Controls can offer Thermometers in various designs, such as Bimetal, Gas Actuated Thermometers, as well as specialist designs for more demanding applications or conditions.

Our range of Thermometers are available in a wide range of materials with various process connections and sizes. Our thermometers are capable of handling a large temperature range of -250°C to 800°C, meaning we can satisfy most applications involving specialist Temperature measurement.

The MGA Controls Ltd technical team are trained on the full range of Bourdon Temperature Gauges, and are on hand to share their 30 years worth of experience and application knowledge with you. Give us the opportunity to understand your application and specific requirements, and we will consider all options before recommending what we believe to be the best solution based on your chosen criteria.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a bimetal thermometer?

A Bimetal thermometer, also known as a bimetallic dial thermometer, produces an accurately calibrated temperature measurement through a bimetallic sensing element that constantly reacts to temperature change.

An example of a Bimetal Thermometer is the Bourdon TBI Series.

What is a gas actuated thermometer?

A gas actuated thermometer is suitable for measuring a wider temperature span than Bimetal thermometers. They can also be known as a Gas Expansion Thermometer, or Gas Actuated Thermometer and use a small volume of gas in a tube to determine the temperature.

An example of a Gas Actuated Thermometer is the Bourdon TSF Series.

How do bimetal thermometers work?

The sensing element in a Bimetal thermometer consists of two dissimilar metals welded together to form a coil, which is then connected to the pointer on the dial face through a mechanical linkage. The dissimilar metals react and expand to temperature at different rates, which causes the coil to expand or contract. This expansion or contraction is then converted into rotational movement, and the pointer moves around the dial.

How does a gas actuated thermometer work?

Gas actuated thermometers measure temperature either by rigid tube or a flexible capillary that is inserted into the process or a Thermowell. As the temperature in the process rises or falls, the gas inside the thermometer expands or contracts, which increases or decreses the pressure inside the tube. There is a small mechanical spring made of stainless steel connected to the top of the tube, and as the temperature rises, the spring unwinds proportionally. This is then converted into a rotary movement, causing the pointer to move around the dial.

Features of a bimetal thermometer

  • Available in various metals, including Stainless Steel and Brass.
  • Wide temperature measuring span, from -70…+600°C.
  • Case design with protection ratings up to IP68 against water and dust ingress.
  • Ability to function outdoors and in aggressive or corrosive environments.
  • Various process connections available.
  • Options with ATEX protection for Hazardous Areas.

Features of a gas actuated thermometer

  • Robust design, suitable for aggressive or demanding process and environmental conditions.
  • Wide temperature measuring span, from -200…+800°C.
  • Capillary length up to 30m.
  • Options with ATEX protection for Hazardous Areas.
  • Dial sizes from 80mm…250mm.
  • Temperature Limit to 130% of Full Scale.

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