Bifold solenoid valves

High-quality range of stainless steel solenoid valves that are designed with reliability and longevity in mind.

Bifold solenoid valves are an extremely high-quality range of stainless steel solenoid valves that are designed with reliability and longevity in mind. Bifold solenoid valves are renowned for performing exceptionally well in highly demanding applications within the oil and gas, offshore, chemical and refinery industries and are available for use in various hazardous locations.

At MGA Controls, we supply the Bifold solenoid valve FP06P/FP10P series, available in both stainless steel and aluminium construction. Read on to find out more about our full Bifold solenoid valve catalogue.

[/span][span col=”6″]MGA Controls is an official Bifold solenoid valve supplier, boasting extensive experience in their product range. As leading control and instrumentation suppliers, we are proud to deliver high-quality products and services to the industry. We liaise closely with our customers to deliver the right solutions to meet their business needs.

For more information on the Bifold solenoid valve FP06P/FP10P series, or to talk to one of our experienced technical sales team members, please call MGA Controls on +44 (0)1704 898980 or email us at [email protected].

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Bifold FP06P

The Bifold solenoid valve FP06P is a 3/2-way direct acting solenoid poppet valve that is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards. Designed for use within highly demanding applications in extreme and hazardous environments, the FP06P is a valve to be reckoned with. Bifold solenoid valves have become associated with offshore oil and gas applications, but can also be used onshore, particularly in coastal environments where a fully stainless-steel construction is beneficial.

The Bifold FP06P’s main features include:

  • Standard stainless steel or aluminium construction
  • ¼” NPT connections
  • Auto reset or manual override
  • 0…10 bar operating pressure
  • Viton or fluorosilicate seat material
  • Ex d protection class
  • 24v DC voltage
  • NAMUR mounting
  • BSP end connections
  • 2-way 2-position valve configuration
  • Universal configuration

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