Maxseal ICO2

High-performance solenoid valve that is suitable for the control of pneumatic or hydraulic operated equipment.

The Maxseal ICO2S Series is a pilot assisted solenoid operated poppet valve from IMI Maxseal and manufactured by Thompson Norgren. The Maxseal ICO2 is a high-performance solenoid valve that is suitable for the control of pneumatic or hydraulic operated equipment within highly demanding industries, such as oil and gas, offshore, chemical and refineries.

The Maxseal ICO2 is only available with a very high specification that includes a stainless steel body, 0-20 bar operation, ATEX approval as standard, high flow and a ‘fit and forget’ setup. Ultimate reliability and maintenance free high performance are key characteristics of the Maxseal ICO2S solenoid valve.

The main features of the Thompson Norgren ICO2S include:

  • 2/2, 3/2 or 5/2 function pilot assisted solenoid operated poppet valve
  • Stainless steel body & coil housing
  • 12 V d.c. via an energy limiting barrier
  • 5 watts power consumption
  • Pilot pressure: 3 … 8 bar (43 … 116 psi)
  • ATEX Ex ia as standard
  • Available with 1/4” … 1.1/2” port sizes in either NPT or BSP threads
  • Safety integrity level 1 and 2

Available Operating pressures:

  • 0 … 20 bar (0 … 290 psi)
  • 0 … 50 bar (0 … 725 psi)
  • 0 … 207 bar (0 … 3002 psi

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Maxseal are one of the brands that are developed from the reputable IMI Norgren Group. Coming from Thompson Norgren, a well-established and reliable company, products from Maxseal naturally adopt the same high level of quality and consistent performance associated with the instrumentation giants. At MGA Controls, we are proud to be Maxseal solenoid valve suppliers.

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