02 Feb 17
Buschjost is known throughout the process industry as a market leader for magnetic, process and multimedia valves. Thanks to the company’s technology and innovation, they have been setting quality benchmarks since 1953. Here, we offer an overview of the Buschjost valve catalogue available at MGA Controls and discuss common diaphragm valve features. Buschjost valve catalogue As leading manufacturers,..
01 Feb 17
Bürkert is a leading manufacturer of measurement and control systems, boasting a large portfolio of high quality, German engineered products. Here, MGA Controls discuss the Bürkert valve catalogue, all of which is available to purchase from our online store. What is an angle seat valve? An angle seat piston valve is a pneumatically-controlled valve with a piston actuator. The angle seat valve provides..
01 Feb 17
Choosing the right type of air operated valve is extremely important, in order to increase machine efficiency. Here, we offer more information on the type of air operated valves available from MGA Controls, from leading air operated valve manufacturers. Air operated valve manufacturers At MGA Controls, we stock air operated valves from leading manufacturers, Bürkert and Buschjost. As one of the world’s..
31 Jan 17
As suppliers of a wide range of air operated valves, MGA Controls has decided to answer some of your frequently asked questions, explaining how different air operated valves function. What is an air operated valve? You may be wondering, what is an air operated valve. An air operated valve, also known as an angle seat valve is a vital component for any pneumatic circuit. The valve works to direct or..

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