24 Apr 17
Check valves are designed to allow media to flow in one direction whilst preventing back flow and minimising the chance of leakage. There are various check valve types and in our latest article, MGA Controls discusses the check valve types and applications. Types of check valves There are six different check valve types, all designed to operated effectively in different applications. Below we offer..
04 Feb 13
Air Valves are an essential element of any potable or wastewater system. Without Air Valves, air pockets will form, restricting the pipeline and therefore reducing flow and increasing energy costs. Furthermore, air pockets have been found to be a significant causal factor in the build-up of corrosive substances, such as hydrogen sulphide, which essentially will lead to high maintenance costs or pipeline..
29 Aug 12
Recent research into efficiency and effectiveness in wastewater systems has demonstrated that air pockets can cause excessive damage to these systems, and can often cause serious corrosion of pipelines, significant head losses, decreased flow capacity and can have a negative impact on pressure surges. Most importantly, in today’s ‘energy conscious’ society, air pockets in a pipeline or system..

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