27 Nov 18
In this article, MGA discusses the key factors to consider with regards to pneumatic cylinder selection. Covering basic knowledge like the working principle of pneumatic cylinders to more advanced theories like as pneumatic cylinder calculation formula, this guide will provide key insight for your decision-making process. The working principle of pneumatic cylinders There are many industrial applications..
13 Mar 18
At MGA Controls we supply a wide range of Aventics pneumatic cylinders, ranging from small bore compact cylinders, right through to heavy duty construction tie rod cylinders. Formerly known as Bosch Rexroth, Aventics is a world-leading manufacturer of pneumatic equipment and have been a key player in the pneumatics and industrial markets for many years. In this Aventics pneumatic cylinder article,..
01 Sep 16
Pneumatic cylinders are most commonly used in the engineering and manufacturing industries to generate motion from the build-up of a pressurised gas. Of course, the type of pneumatic cylinder you require will vary depending on the specific application and industry. Pneumatic cylinders are also commonly known as air cylinders; due to the way the instrument operates. What are the types of pneumatic..
22 Feb 13
The ‘Economy’ award The award for ‘Economy’ goes to the Surgebuster Swing Check Valve by Val-Matic. The Surgebuster has been proven to save up to 50% of energy costs in an application. The Surgebuster check valve has an assisted spring disc accelerator and an angled valve seat which means the valve stroke is reduced down to 35 degrees and the closing time is reduced to 0.5 seconds. This makes..
20 Feb 13
MGA now has its own range of Pneumatic actuators to complement our existing product range of high quality valves, controls and instrumentation. Our rack & pinion, pneumatic quarter turn actuators combine quality, experience, patented technology and expertise, to exceed customer and market expectations by offering reliable and customised solutions, with a qualified service. MGA has the capabilities..

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