20 Oct 16
A temperature gauge is used to measure the force of heat in a machine or application. The gauges, commonly known as thermometers, measure heat in different ways depending on the type. Here, MGA Controls discuss the difference between bi-metal industrial thermometers and gas thermometers, outlining the advantages of both. How does a bimetal thermometer work? A bi-metal thermometer, also known as a bimetallic..

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03 Jun 14
Conventional temperature measurement, where a temperature measurement probe or sensor is inserted into the process media, is not acceptable in some applications, for example when conditions are hygienic or corrosive. This article introduces the LABOM range of ‘Clamp-On’ temperature measurement equipment as a measurement solution in such applications. How do engineers accurately and regularly measure..

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15 Apr 14
One of the ancillary services that MGA Controls offer to customers is the use of our knowledge and expertise to deliver training on the products we offer. We can offer training on all products at all levels, from very basic instrumentation training, to in depth valve sizing and transient analysis. Earlier this year, one of MGA’s largest customers, a manufacturer of specialist vacuum pumps and systems,..

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