Val-Matic are a company based in Illinois that have been producing valves for Water and Wastewater for 40 years. The Val-Matic ‘Surgebuster’, resilient hinge, encapsulated disc Check Valves are built consistently to high quality standards with a range of features designed to minimise maintenance and pro-long life beyond that achieved by other manufacturers. Details of the features and benefits of the Val-Matic ‘Surgebuster’ Check Valves are as follows:

The Valmatic Swing-Flex & Surgebuster Check Valves are supplied in the UK as a standard with PN16 BS4504 flanges, BS5153 Short Pattern Face-to-Face up to 12”, Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Internally and Externally, (in the case of the Surgebuster) a 302 Stainless Steel Disc Accelerator (other disc materials, paint specifications and rubber lining are available on request).

Disc Design

  • The Steel and Nylon reinforced, fully encapsulated, one piece precision molded Memory-Flex™ disc, supplied in Buna-N as standard, creates a tough and durable disc suitable for wastewater, sludge and slurry applications.
  • The Memory-Flex™ disc with integral O-ring provides positive, drop tight shut off at both high and low working pressures providing consistent leak-tight performance.
  • The Memory-FlexTM Disc has been independently tested to 1,000,000 cycles with no discernible wear and the seat remained drop-tight when tested at low and high hydrostatic pressures. This provides the end user with the reassurance of an almost maintenance free continued performance over the expected life of the valve.
  • The flexible portion of the disc is the only moving part in the ‘Swing-Flex’ and is covered by an unprecedented 25 year warranty providing peace of mind and extended maintenance free life.
  • Optional disc materials are available including EPDM to suit different media and higher temperatures ensuring application compatibility and increased life.
  • The contouring of the body is designed to ease flow towards the disc when in the fully open position providing disc stabilisation and extended disc life.


  • Originally designed over 25 years ago to be specifically clog free in a vertical application with an unobstructed, smooth streamlined and contoured body and cover providing virtually maintenance free performance.
  • The unrestricted 100% flow area and simplistic design without mechanical devices has minimal head-loss and is ideal for slurries and sludge applications allowing the passage of large solids and minimising the potential for clogging.
  • The ‘Swing-Flex’ Check Valve with only 1 moving part and the ‘Surgebuster’ Check Valve with only 2 moving parts have no snagging points so there is no need for back-flushing or regular maintenance.

Non-Slam Performance

  • The valve seat is angled at 45° minimising disc travel to 35° and in conjunction with the unique Memory-Flex™ action of the disc offers exceptional speed of valve closure. The rapid closure reduces the build-up of reverse velocities providing silent closure and reduced surge pressures.
  • The Memory-Flex™ action in conjunction with the Disc Accelerator™ ensures the ‘Surgebuster’ Check Valve closes even faster than the ‘Swing-Flex’ and offers much reduced reverse velocities for even high head and high velocity applications.

Surface Finishing and Fastenings

  • The valve body and cover are as standard in the UK coated internally and externally with a high quality, abrasion and corrosion resistant, durable, non-stick, WRAS & NSF/ANSI 61 approved Fusion Bonded Epoxy at a minimum of 250-300μm thick minimising the build-up of material within the valve for an extended life.

Energy Efficiency

  • As a result of the contoured, streamlined body, 100% flow area and resulting low head loss the ‘Swing-Flex’ and ‘Surgebuster’ Check Valves present a much reduced flow coefficient in comparison to conventional swing check valves. This contrast is emphasised when compared with a conventional swing check with weight and lever.
  • Simplicity of 1 moving part in the Swing-Flex and 2 moving parts in the Surgebuster versus the conventional swing check or recoil check with O-rings, mechanical hinges, shafts, pivot pins and bearings all of which are susceptible to wear and snagging.
  • Oscillation of the conventional swing check valve disc in the flow accelerates the wear of the hinge resulting in leakages. Swing-Flex and Surgebuster Check Valve Disc stabilisation and hinge reliability by design ensures maintenance free performance with repeatable drop-tight seating.
  • The Swing-Flex and Surgebuster have no weight and levers required to achieve valve closure and no guard is required to meet Health & Safety and WIMES standards.
  • Retro-fittable Back Flush Actuator option. A specific unit designed to lift the valve seat to allow the controlled back flushing of the pump when necessary. Not required for back flushing the valve to clear snagged material as it is not a symptom of the Swing-Flex or Surgebuster Check Valves.

How do Val-Matic Swing-Flex and Surgebuster Check Valves save you money?

  • Replacement costs of a conventional check valve c/w weight, lever & guard can be placed at the conservative estimated labour cost of around £2,000 per replacement plus the cost of the valve.
  • Energy Saving Calculations can be supplied based on an independently assessed k-factor coefficient of 1.6 for a conventional swing check valve c/w weight and lever, a cost of £0.085/kWhr (01.02.12), 80% pump system efficiencies, 80% usage and an Sg of typically 1. Higher savings are achieved with the higher flow rates and larger valves.
  • Energy calculations do not take into consideration any plant down time, additional maintenance clearing conventional check valves, repairing hinges and the administrative costs of processing orders and scheduling resources.

Val-Matic originally designed the Swing-Flex Check Valve over 25 years ago and it was independently tested over 20 years ago. The valve has been used successfully around the globe for many years and Val-Matic are not known to have supplied a replacement disc under the 25 year warranty.

To understand more the specific features and benefits or to view the datasheets of Val-Matic Check Valves including the Swing-Flex Check Valve and the Surgebuster Check Valve, please click on the relevant links. Speak to our technical team about specifying Val-Matic Check Valves into your application or to enquire about stock or pricing.

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