MGA Controls Exhibit at the Pump Centre Conference at Telford International Centre on 30th April 2014. 

Pump centre conference

This year’s conference is the biggest and best yet, as the organisers have seen an increase in visitor registrations and over 80 exhibitors, and you will be able to find MGA Controls at Stand 36.

What to expect to see on the MGA stand?

The team at MGA Controls will be exhibiting a range of the Val-Matic resilient hinge-check valves. Theses valves are now part of the WIMES 8.09 scheme and will be the answer to the issue of clogging valves at your wastewater treatment plants. The Val-Matic Surgebuster and SwingFlex check valves are virtually clog free and will reduce your maintenance costs significantly.

Val-Matic Surgebuster check valveVal-Matic SwingFlex Valve


We have Jason Dean, our water and wastewater expert on the stand all day, why don’t you come along and have a chat about the products and how MGA Controls can assist you with working towards becoming TOTEX compliant.

Jason Dean’s Seminar at the Technical Conference


Throughout the conference there will 15 technical seminars, Jason Dean from MGA Controls will be delivering a session on “An introduction to resilient hinge-check valves” The session will provide an insight into Non return valves can be viewed as offering significant whole life cost benefits to UK water companies. These sessions will be dealt with on a first come first serve basis so ensure you plan your day to attend either the morning or afternoon session.


For a full review of what to expect at the conference please see the latest article from Process Industry Forum.