Tie Rod Pneumatic Cylinder

167 Series – Aventics Tie Rod Pneumatic Cylinder


The 167 Series from Aventics is a Tie-Rod type Pneumatic Cylinder that conforms to ISO 6431. Thanks to the tie-rod construction, the cylinder is rugged and reliable and is suitable for a wide range of industrial process applications. It is available in 25mm-100mm bore sizes, and a range of strokes up to 1700mm.

  • 25mm-100mm Bore Diameter
  • Tie-Rod Construction
  • Double Acting
  • Magnetic Piston as Standard
  • Adjustable Pneumatic Cushioning
  • Conforms to ISO 6431
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Additional Information



Product Type

Pneumatic Cylinders


G 1/2, G 1/4, G 1/8, G 3/8

Cylinder Bore Diameter

100mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm

Stroke Length (mm)

100mm, 125mm, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm, 25mm, 320mm, 400mm, 500mm, 50mm, 80mm

Body Material


Seal Material



Double acting

Operating Pressure

2. . .10 Bar

Operating Temperature

-20. . .75°C

Products in this series

Product Cylinder Bore Diameter Stroke Length Price Web Exclusive Price Qty
100mm 500mm POA
100mm 25mm POA
100mm 50mm POA
100mm 80mm POA
100mm 100mm POA
100mm 125mm POA
100mm 160mm POA
100mm 200mm POA
100mm 250mm POA
100mm 320mm POA
100mm 400mm POA
50mm 250mm POA
40mm 50mm POA
50mm 320mm POA
50mm 200mm POA
50mm 500mm POA
50mm 160mm POA
50mm 125mm POA
50mm 100mm POA
50mm 80mm POA
50mm 50mm POA
50mm 25mm POA
40mm 250mm POA
40mm 200mm POA
40mm 160mm POA
40mm 125mm POA
40mm 100mm POA
40mm 80mm POA
40mm 25mm POA
50mm 400mm POA
25mm 25mm POA
32mm 50mm POA
25mm 80mm POA
25mm 100mm POA
25mm 125mm POA
25mm 160mm POA
25mm 200mm POA
25mm 250mm POA
32mm 25mm POA
25mm 50mm POA
32mm 80mm POA
32mm 125mm POA
32mm 160mm POA
32mm 200mm POA
32mm 250mm POA
32mm 100mm POA
63mm 125mm POA
80mm 80mm POA
80mm 50mm POA
80mm 25mm POA
63mm 500mm POA
63mm 400mm POA
63mm 320mm POA
63mm 250mm POA
63mm 200mm POA
63mm 160mm POA
63mm 50mm POA
63mm 100mm POA
63mm 80mm POA
63mm 25mm POA
80mm 125mm POA
80mm 160mm POA
80mm 500mm POA
80mm 250mm POA
80mm 200mm POA
80mm 400mm POA
80mm 100mm POA
80mm 320mm POA

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