Pneufit M Straight Union Connector - M00200600
Price: £3.02 Excl. VAT

Pneufit M Straight Union Connector - M00200600

The M00200600 is a 6mm Pneufit M Straight Union Connector is part of the Pneufit M Series from IMI Norgren. They are ready to use, offering fast assembly with no need for tools and providing optimum flow. Pneufit M is an ultra compact alternative when space is at a premium. Nickel plated brass components provide corrosion and contamination resistance and an extended life. Pre-applied thread sealant on all taper threads provides optimum rapid sealing.
£3.02 Excl. VAT
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Technical data


Body Material

Plastic PBT

Operating Pressure

'-0.9. . .10 Bar

Operating Temperature

0. . .60°C



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