Type 0406 - 2/2-Way Servo Assisted Solenoid Valve for Steam

The Bürkert Type 0406 is a Servo-assisted solenoid valve for steam and other hot gaseous media. A plunger pilots a piston to make a tight seal on a wear resistant stainless steel seat. The Type 0406 requires a differential pressure in order to operate effectively, a hard coupled design for low pressure switching is available.
  • Pilot controlled, 1-12 bar max. pressure range
  • Force Coupled 0-10 Bar option available
  • G 1/2” – G 2”
  • Fluid temperature to 180 ºC
  • Wear resistant stainless steel seat
  • Most reliable valves for hot neutral fluids
  • Push-over coil system
  • Threaded and flange valve bodies
Technical data


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