Bifold Air Preparation Equipment

Air Preparation

Air preparation equipment is designed to provide top-quality air supply to compressed air systems. If dirty or wet air is processed through a system it can cause issues including downtime and failure of other equipment downstream.

At MGA Controls, we supply a comprehensive range of Bifold air preparation equipment including the Bifold SH and SC range of air preparation units. Bifold air preparation equipment is well-known for its use in an array of industries including oil and gas, offshore, chemical and refinery.

Bifold SH and SC units

The standard SH and SC ranges, including the Bifold SH06, are manufactured from 316L grade stainless steel as standard and are best suited for offshore and other corrosive environments. Materials for the Bifold SH and SC range can be supplied compliant to NACE MR-01-75 rendering them suitable for sour gas media. Temperature elastomer seals are also available for low-temperature arctic service applications. The SH and SC are also available in a compact air preparation unit range, which is designed for applications that require high capacity and accurate process control in a small package.

Bifold SH and SC features

• Compact design and high stability
• Up to 145 psi / 10 bar working pressure
• Arctic service options to -60C
• Valve body 316L stainless steel
• NACE MR-01-75 internal wetted
• High flow – up to 11.2 Cv

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