Bifold Exhaust Valves

Quick exhaust valves can be highly important to a range of applications. They work by automatically sensing built up pressure from gases or steam and then expelling it from the application. At MGA Controls, we supply a wide range of Bifold quick exhaust valves including the popular HIPEX series. Bifold HIPEX exhaust valves are famed for performing well in highly demanding applications within the oil and gas, offshore, chemical and refinery industries.

Bifold HIPEX Exhaust Valves

The HIPEX exhaust valve from Bifold is a 2-way directional control valve that has been specifically designed for both modulating and “on-off” pilot pressure signals. The HIPEX series’ venting flow rate is proportional to the differential pressure between the inlet and the pilot signal pressures. This Bifold exhaust valve has two operating principles, a partial close testing function and a pressure relief function, depending on your application.

HIPEX series main features

  • Very high controlled exhaust flow
  • Automatic pressure sensing and pressure relief capability
  • Automatic operation and requires no adjustment
  • Operates on a 1:1 pilot pressure to valve pressure ratio at pressures between 2 and 10 bar
  • Extremely compact modular design
  • SIL 3 third-party certified to IEC 61508 Parts 1 & 2
  • Soft seat design
  • Finely balanced design to minimise the impact of both downstream and upstream pressure variations

For more information on Bifold exhaust valves or to talk to one of our experienced technical sales team members about purchasing a Bifold 2-way directional control valve, please call MGA Controls on 01704 898980 or email us at

HIPEX is a completely new class of material, a high-performance TPE that sets new standards and offers huge advantages over conventional thermoplastic elastomers. It is resistant against high temperatures and chemicals and can be utilised for continuous use when used at temperatures up to 150 °C. The new compounds are also resistant to oils and grease.

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