Bürkert Solenoid Valves

Bürkert has achieved its position as a market leader in fluid control through their constant evolution of their core competence in solenoid valve design and manufacture.

As the early inventor of the solenoid valve, as we know them today, the competitive advantage Bürkert holds in solenoid valve design and manufacture is second to none.

As a Bürkert solenoid valve distributor, we can provide off-the-shelf Bürkert solenoids from stock in all the popular ranges and we can work with engineers at Bürkert to develop bespoke solutions for demanding applications in which a Bürkert solenoid valve may be required.

Solenoid valves at Bürkert cover a myriad of designs for various applications, including but not limited to plunger-type, servo-assisted and direct-acting for steam, high pressure, ATEX, aggressive or general applications. Below is an overview of the popular Bürkert solenoid valve ranges we hold in stock.

For more Bürkert product sizes, materials and specifications, please contact our technical sales team on ring 01704 898980 or alternatively, email store@mgacontrols.co.uk, they look forward to helping you.

Buy Bürkert solenoid valves here at MGA Controls – trusted UK Bürkert solenoid valve suppliers. Our technical experts can help you find the right Bürkert type for you in our comprehensive Bürkert Solenoid Valve Catalogue.

Bürkert solenoids are the perfect solution for fluid and gaseous media. Bürkert solenoid valves are suitable for both aggressive and neutral media and can withstand various temperature and pressure ranges. Christian Bürkert, the company’s founder, is thought to have pioneered the modern day Solenoid valves at Bürkert, as his innovation is known to have set a precedent for all industrial solenoid valves ever since.

Bürkert solenoid valves are the ideal product for businesses in a range of sectors. Typical Bürkert solenoid valve applications include the water supply industry, waste water treatment industry and machine and plant engineering industry, each of which is well known for buying Bürkert solenoid valves for either treating drinking water, purifying grey or black water, cooling, lubrication and dosing and everything else in between. For further information on whether Bürkert solenoids are the right solution for your business, speak to our technical sales team today.

Bürkert solenoid valves are the most commonly used control elements in fluidics. Solenoids offer fast and safe switching, high reliability, long service life, good medium compatibility of the materials used, low control power and compact design.
In terms of how solenoid valves from Bürkert operate, two forces counter one another in the valve: the spring force and the force by a proportional Bürkert solenoid. Without a power supply the spring pushes the plunger directly on to the valve seat, which keeps the valve outlet closed. When power is supplied to the Bürkert solenoid, the plunger rises, the Bürkert solenoid valve opens and the fluid passes through.

Bürkert produce a range of solenoid valves for fluid and gaseous media. Some of the fluid and gaseous media that Bürkert solenoids may be used for include water, air, light oils, steam and neutral gases. These solenoid valves from Bürkert are suitable for both neutral and aggressive media and can be used in various temperature and pressure ranges.

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