Elektrogas Solenoid Valves

Elektrogas solenoids are one of the most popular valves on the market. Elektrogas, born from the DELTA group, are expert manufacturers, specialising in the production of gas solenoids. After being in existence for over 30 years’ the Elektrogas brand combine expertise and innovation, in order to manufacture a high performing, technical solution, otherwise known as an Elektrogas gas valve.

Elektrogas solenoid valves are specifically designed for the gas industry and are manufactured to meet incredibly strict dimensional tolerances. Priding themselves on stringent reliability tests, Elektrogas solenoids are manufactured to meet diverse and specific customer requirements, guaranteeing the safety and quality of every product on the market.

MGA Controls are Elektrogas solenoid suppliers, boasting extensive knowledge and expertise in their product catalogue. On hand to offer more information, our technical team of experts are fully trained in the complete Elektrogas solenoid valve range.

As a leading control and instrumentation supplier, MGA Controls is proud to deliver high-quality, specified product ranges to the manufacturing industry and beyond. We work in partnership with our customers to deliver the solutions they need to meet business needs. You can contact MGA Controls today on 01704 898980 or email us at store@mgacontrols.co.uk.

The Elektrogas solenoid VMR type valve, also known as an automatic safety valve, is a fast opening valve, that is normally closed.
When the coil isn’t energised, the gas passage stays closed and as the coil is powered, the valve opens.
This Elektrogas solenoid is suitable for the blocking of both gas and air and in some applications, may also be used to adjust the controls in atmospheric or fan-assisted burners.

These Elektrogas gas valves are normally closed solenoids with a manual reset. The EVRM-NC Elektrogas solenoid is a manual reset safety valve that requires the user to manually move the reset rod in order for the valve to operate.The valve can maintain the open position until electric current circulates on the coil. Without electric current, the valve will rapidly close and the manual operation will have to begin again. This Elektrogas solenoid can be used in gas, air, or electric current failure.

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