Needle Valves

MGA Controls Ltd are experts in specifying and finding the ideal Needle Valves for any application. A Needle Valve uses a small, tapered ‘Needle’ that gradually opens or closes a flow path to allow or prevent media from passing.

They are often used in Oil & Gas Applications that require tight shut off and precise flow control. They are particularly useful in applications where flow needs to be gradually reduced/halted in order to protect upstream pipework from slam, or hammer.

MGA Controls Ltd are proud partners of leading manufacturer, Alco Valves Ltd, and are fully trained on their range of Needle Valves.

Needle Valves are often used for Isolation duties for delicate instruments such as pressure gauges, where sudden surges of pressure could be potentially damaging to the instrument. By using a Needle Valve to gradually introduce pressure and flow to the instrument, the less chance there is of any damage being caused.

Needle valves are generally used in applications where regular maintenance of instrumentation is required, and therefore Isolation is a neccessity.

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