Capsule Pressure Gauges

Capsule Pressure Gauges is specifically designed to cope with low pressure signals. A traditional Bourdon Tube style pressure gauge struggles to cope with low pressure readings and is unable to be accurate, the low pressure cannot deflect the Bourdon Tube enough to provide a reading.

Capsule Pressure Gauges are often called a Low Pressure Gauge and employ the use of a welded capsule housing two thin diaphragms. One diaphragm measures the pressure signal and the other is used as a reference point. The relative deflection of the capsule is then translated into a rotational movement through the use of mechanical linkages, causing the pointer to move around the dial of the gauge.

Capsule Pressure Gauges are highly accurate Pressure Measuring Devices and conform to Accuracy Class 1.6 & 2.5 of EN 837-1. They are available in Stainless Steel and come in dial sizes of 100mm and 150mm. Various pressure ranges are available from 0…600mBar.

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