Contacts Gauges

MGA Controls Ltd are technical experts in a wide range of Contacts Gauges. These high performance pressure instruments contain a pressure measurement element, and either one or two electrical contacts which provide extra functionality.

A contacts gauge operates in a slightly different way to a normal pressure gauge, in that when the pressure exceeds or drops below a pre-determined set point it activates the electrical or inductive contact. Upon the contact being activated, it can perform a number of functions, normally either ‘make on rise’ or ‘break on rise.’

The signal can then be communicated with other instruments to perform additional functions. E.g. Shutting off a pump when the pressure exceeds a pre-set maximum value.

MGA Controls Ltd supply and stock a comprehensive range of Electrical Contacts Gauges for safe and hazardous area applications. Their contacts are either of the ‘sliding,’ ‘snap-on’ or ‘inductive’ variety, the latter are suitable for use in ATEX Intrinsically Safe environments.

For an overview of the full range of Contacts Gauges available from MGA Controls, please view the products below. Individual datasheets are available for each model by clicking into the model pages.

To discuss your application details, call the MGA Controls technical team on 01704 898980 or email

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