Pressure Transmitters & Switches

MGA Controls Ltd can provide a comprehensive range of Pressure Transmitters & Switches for use in many applications, including corrosive, high temperature, ATEX and hygienic applications.

MGA Controls Ltd works closely with leaders in Pressure Measurement such as Bourdon and Bürkert to ensure a complete solution can always be provided to any application involving Pressure Measurement and Control.

MGA Controls can offer Pressure Transmitters & Switches in various designs, with various switching functions, process connections and materials.

We would be delighted to receive your enquiry for any Pressure Measurement products, please give our sales team a call on 01704 898980 or email your specification to

A Pressure Transmitter is a measurement device that converts a Pressure Signal into an analogue output. Pressure Transmitters are also known as Pressure Transducers, and are available from MGA Controls Ltd in a wide range of configurations and specifications to suit almost any application.

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A Pressure Switch is a device that monitors a pressure signal, and closes an electrical contact when the signal reaches a predetermined set-point. The switching function can be used to control a process system and send signals to switch other pieces of equipment such as pumps or valves.

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