ISO/VDMA Cylinders

As one of the most popular choices for the industrial automation sector, ISO/VDMA pneumatic cylinders are high performance actuators that comply with ISO/VDMA standards. The VDMA cylinders are both reliable and versatile, evidenced in their compatibility with other brands. This interchangeability means ISO/VDMA profile cylinders from Norgren can be used in a wide range of industries and applications.

Conforming to ISO15552, ISO6431, ISO6432, VDMA24562 and NFE49-003-1 standards, ISO air cylinders offer low running and operational costs, thanks to their low friction design. Our comprehensive range of VDMA profile cylinders are available with a wide range of optional mounting accessories and can be specified for use with electrical limit switches for position feedback.

Available in a range of materials, ISO/VDMA profile cylinders are robust and durable and are therefore suitable for use in most industrial applications. These high-performance ISO/VDMA pneumatic cylinders are designed as a double acting cylinder, for stable, rugged and reliable actuation.

At MGA Controls Ltd, our technical team is equipped with extensive knowledge of all of our products, including our extensive range of ISO/VDMA pneumatic cylinders, meaning they are on hand to answer any of your questions.

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At MGA Controls, we have a wide range of ISO/VDMA profile cylinders from leading manufacturers, Norgren.

The Norgren RA/8000 series double acting VDMA cylinder features a tie rod design and is high performance, reliable and durable.

Also available in a wide range of bore sizes, with a maximum stroke length of 3000mm, the Norgren VDMA profile cylinder is available for use with a wide range of mountings and accessories.

The RA/8000 ISO air cylinder comprises of different seal materials, enhancing the service life of the cylinder and lowering maintenance costs.

The PRA/182000 Series ISO/VDMA pneumatic cylinders from Norgren are high performing, stable and reliable.
With a cylinder diameter ranging from 32mm…125mm and with a maximum stroke length of 3000mm, the PRA/182000 ISO air cylinder is an incredibly versatile range.

Also available with a wide range of accessories and mountings, this specific range of ISO/VDMA profile cylinders can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Polyurethane seals allow efficient, low friction operation and a long service life.

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