Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder

Rodless pneumatic cylinders, also known as rodless actuators are designed with the piston connected to an external carriage by a mechanical or magnetic coupling system. Rodless air cylinders are the ideal solution for any application that requires a long stroke, as they aren’t affected by overhang, piston binding, bending and uneven seal wear. Often used as a space saving component, rodless cylinders are the ideal component where space is at a premium.

Norgren’s Lintra series is their current line of rodless cylinders, featuring a light weight and high strength design. The cylinders have been designed to deliver reliable and optimum performance for almost any process industry application. Available in a variety of sizes (from 16mm – 80mm) and strokes up to 8500mm, these rodless air cylinders also feature dust protection as standard. Available with an aluminium extrusion, integral switch and machine mounting grooves, these cylinders offer great versatility.

Often used in the Food Processing, Glass, Plastics, Textile and Electronics industries, rodless actuators are often used for cutting, packaging, material transfer and sliding door applications.

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Rodless pneumatic cylinders are arguably more specialist than the average pneumatic actuator. Used in various applications, the components are often used where space is limited. There are four types of rodless cylinder types, including: mechanically coupled, magnetically coupled, guided and non-guided. These rodless actuators have differing features, which makes them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Lintra rodless actuators from Norgren have innovative features, which makes them one of the more popular types of rodless air cylinders. The Lintra series feature higher load capacity, lower static and dynamic friction levels, improved dust protection, a lightweight design and patented sealing system. These cylinders also require very little maintenance.

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