Vacuum Priming Air Valves

Vacuum Priming Air Valves,/strong> are designed similarly to Wastewater Air Release Valves (Small Orifice) with the sole function of releasing gas, extracted from the pump housing and suction pipework, by means of a vacuum priming system.

The float is specifically designed to be flow sensitive, rises with the media, closing the priming valve to prevent fluid from entering the vacuum priming system and continues to release gases while the pump is running. The valve has been specifically designed to prevent fluid leakage.

Constructed in Ductile Iron with the Wastewater design of elongated body and bell shaped bottom, the valve is supplied with; the ‘non-stick’ Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating, internally and externally,; 316 Stainless Steel internals; the standard lifetime guarantee on the float; additional backwashing ports for severe service applications; and stainless steel fasteners.

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