3-Way Ball Valves

3-way ball valves are multi-port ball valves with 3 inlet/outlet ports. Any port can be used as an inlet and the 3 valve ports can be configured as either L-port or T-port.

The L-port 3-way ball valve is drilled from two different sides (oriented 90 degrees apart) and the drilling resembles the shape of an L. The T-port 3-way ball valve is similar to the L-port valve, however in this instance, the ball is drilled all the way through in one direction, such that the drilling of the ball resembles the shape of the letter T.

With the L-port valve, the middle port is the common port and with a T-port valve, one of the side ports becomes the common port.

The L-port 3-way ball valves are typically used to divert a process media flow from one tank to another or to divert a flow from a single source, like switching between 2 pumps etc. For the T-port 3-way ball valve, the applications are rather similar but it also allows itself to also be used for mixing or diverting applications or as a potential replacement for lubricated T-port plug valves in tank farm applications.

The process media can be oil, gas, air, gas and even corrosive media, subject to the compatibility with any wetted parts in contact with the media.3-way ball valves are available in Stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, and special alloy materials with a range of seat materials including metal, PTFE and other polymeric materials.

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