Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves

The primary difference between a floating ball valve and a trunnion mounted ball valve lies in the mechanism for how the seal is achieved. In the floating ball design, the ball is allowed to float and the upstream line pressure will apply against the ball to press it against the seat to produce the seal. Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves are mainly used in more demanding applications where performance and reliability are of primary concern.

The trunnion ball valve will have a pin assembly securing the ball to the valve body to ensure that it can’t dislodge. Trunnion ball valves will usually have a segmented ball with the ball being supported by a pin assembly or shaft.The benefit of this type of assembly is that there will be much less friction between the valve and the seat.

Due to the anchoring of the ball, the trunnion ball valve design is more suited to applications requiring larger valves or higher pressure or temperature operations. (Typically up to 1000 bar and over 400°C)

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