V-Type Ball Valves

V-type ball valves are very similar in their construction to a standard ball valve. The key difference lies in the shape of the orifice in the valve ball. This is contoured in the shape of ‘V’ lying on its side. The key benefit of having this type of notch in the valve ball is that it can produce a much improved flow characteristic.

Like other types of ball valves, the V-type ball valve will have the ball remain in contact with the seal during rotation and will produce a shearing effect as the ball closes. The benefit of this type of operation is that it will help to reduce clogging.

V-type ball valves have a good shutoff capability with a good rangeability – repeatable control throughout 95% of the ball travel.

Typically, V-type ball valves will be deployed in applications within the chemical, paper and power industries and are available in Stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, and special alloy materials with a range of seat materials including metal, PTFE and other polymeric materials.

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