Hobbs Butterfly Valves

Hobbs butterfly valves have been manufactured following many years of market research. The TVT series specialist butterfly valves were designed and developed in-house by Hobbs, using advanced precision engineering techniques. This makes the valves extremely high performance and suitable for a wide range of demanding applications. The innovative TVT Hobbs butterfly valves provide maximum resistance during high-intensity applications.

These triple offset butterfly valves are suitable for a range of demanding applications. Hobbs metal seated butterfly valves have been designed to address any operational problems that the traditional design of a butterfly may bring. They also have advanced sealing capabilities, increasing the life expectancy of the valve.

These high-performance butterfly valves are highly innovative and are designed to deliver the ultimate in performance and reliability. These valves are available in a wide range of materials, including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium Bronze, Duplex, Super Duplex and 6 moly. The TVT Hobbs butterfly valves are also available in sizes ranging from 2” to 48” and in pressure classes of 150lb, 300lb and 600lb.

The technical team at MGA Controls are experts in the range of TVT Hobbs butterfly valves, meaning they can assist you when finding an metal seated butterfly valve for your specific application. Contact our technical team today at store@mgacontrols.co.uk for more information, or call 01704 898980. Alternatively, you can view our range of products below.


Hobbs butterfly valves feature a ‘cam action’ and ‘right angled conical sealing’ design in order to ensure that metal sealing components are never in contact until the final degree of closing. This results in a vastly extended valve life. These specialist butterfly valves also provide cost savings, due to an inherent reduction in materials and weight.

These high-performance butterfly valves also require minimal maintenance due to the robust design, with the added advantage of field replaceable seat and seal components in the TVT range. They also feature low fugitive emissions due to quarter turn technology.

Triple offset specialist butterfly valves are essential in applications where bubble-tight shut off is required. Traditional butterfly valves are often not appropriate for use in certain applications, where harsh chemicals or media with small particles that may be prone to clogging are used. In cases such as this, triple set high-performance butterfly valves offer superior benefits.

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