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Check valves are commonly used in applications where liquid is only supposed to flow in one direction. A check valve is also known as a non-return valve and operates by preventing the back-flow of fluid in order to protect other pipeline components such as pumps or filters.

Our wide range includes Anti-Slam, resilient hinge and silent check valves, for controlled operation in a wide range of applications. Manufactured from WRAS approved materials, the check valve types stocked at MGA Controls are suitable for Process, Mining, Water & Wastewater, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Power and Process industries.

Specialising in industrial check valves, our components are manufactured by leading manufacturers Val-Matic and Singer, meaning you can be sure that your valve is robust, reliable, hard-wearing and capable of operating in demanding environments.

As leading check valve suppliers, MGA Controls stock a comprehensive range of check valves. Below we have given you an overview of the specifications we can provide. For more information, or for specific materials or designs, please call us on 01704 898980 or send us an email at

A check valve, also known as a non-return or one-way valve, works to allow either a liquid or gas to travel through the component in one direction.

Working automatically, check valves are designed for efficient operation in a variety of safety applications, specifically to prevent overflow.

Check valves usually comprise of two-ports, one to allow the fluid to enter and the other one to allow the fluid to leave. Various types of check valves are available, in a variety of sizes and specifications, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

As automatic components, check valves continue to work even when the plant facility loses air or electricity, essential for safety applications.

The different types of industrial check valves work with a variety of media, including liquid, air, gas and steam.

Manufactured from hard-wearing materials, check valves operate in a wide variety of applications and are even compatible with chemicals and low-pressure sealing.

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