Clean Water Non-Return Valves

The Val-Matic Swing-Flex™ Resilient Hinge Check Valve, otherwise known as a Non-Return Valve or NRV, has been used in wastewater and clean water applications around the world for nearly 30 years. As the exclusive partner to Val-Matic in the UK, MGA Controls Ltd are the market leader in Clean Water Non-Return Valves.

The significant benefits of the Swing-Flex™ check valve can now be realised in clean water or potable water applications across the UK, as this innovative valve not only meets the British Standards for check valves and is WIMES compliant, it is also available in WRAS approved materials.

With the focus on reducing long term Maintenance and Operational Costs in Networks, Pumping Stations , WTW and STW in AMP6, this Maintenance-Free & Energy Efficient valve is the perfect solution.

Due to the High Performance and Interchangeability this valve offers to water applications, the valve is an ideal solution for the Economical Refurbishment & Upgrade of Existing Assets – a major focus of AMP6.

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