Nozzle Check Valves

Nozzle check valves are high performance, anti-slam and self-actuated (or automatic) non-return valves. Due to their very high flow characteristics, these nozzle type check valves are designed for use in severe and demanding applications. Nozzle check valves also feature a spring assisted, short stroke disc action, which closes the valve in a fraction of a second, protecting expensive pumping equipment from high reverse velocities and damaging surge pressures.

Non slam nozzle check valves also react quickly to high deceleration rates, giving a non-slam performance that minimises water hammer. Nozzle type check valves come with a selection of valve orifice internals and springs specifically optimised for the flow rates of each application and a built in diffuser that recovers head losses and minimises energy consumption. The nozzle check valve is one of the most energy efficient, high performing non-return check valves available.

Non slam nozzle check valves are available in a wide range of sizes, from DN25-DN1200 and flanges up to PN400 / ANSI 2500. Body styles include wafer, flanged wafer short pattern and long pattern. Nozzle valves are available in a wide range of materials, including cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, 6Mo and nickel-aluminium-bronze.

Nozzle check valves are designed to suit applications from Natural Gas to Potable Water, meeting stringent WIMES and UK DWI drinking water standards. The inherent design of nozzle valves omits the use of elastomers. Furthermore, there are no wearing parts, ensuring the valves are maintenance free, suitable for buried service and inherently fire safe.

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When choosing a nozzle valve, it is important to fully understand the features and their compatibility with your chosen application. Understanding the difference between a slam and non slam check valve is extremely important and choosing the right one can have a huge impact on the service life of your component.

A non slam nozzle check valve is designed to limit water hammer, a pressure surge that can arise in any pumping system, which undergoes an abrupt change in its rate of flow. Water hammer is a common problem with traditional check valves, however a non slam nozzle check valve does not rely on flow reversal or gravity to close and instead uses a spring. As the closing disc has a much shorter distance to travel, water hammer is reduced.

Nozzle type check valves are specifically designed for hazardous systems where backflow is a concern. At MGA Controls, we have a wide range of nozzle check valves, suited to critical service applications for the water and process industry.  Non slam nozzle check valves minimise the damaging effects of water hammer in fluid systems and minimise pressure loss in piping systems.

Manufactured from hard-wearing materials, nozzle valves can be used for Gas Transmission, Power Generation, Chemical Processing, Hydrocarbon Processing and Water Transmission.

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