N Type Ring Disc Noreva Nozzle Check Valve

Noreva GmbH manufacture two core designs of Nozzle Check Valves: a Solid Disc and a Ring Disc.

The Ring Disc type Nozzle Check Valve is designed such that the Ring Disc is mounted to a frictionless, maintenance-free, multi-spring radial guide assembly. This combined with a low weight Ring Disc and a range of springs with differing stiffness, produces an exceptionally responsive valve, optimised and matched specifically to the application, providing a rapid Non-Slam performance even with the larger sized valves.

The high capacity, twin annular, aerodynamic, turbulent free flow paths through and around the valves’ Diffuser, provide excellent head loss recovery resulting in exceptionally low pressure drop across the valve, Disc Stabilisation and the prevention of ‘Flutter’. A low pressure drop translates to energy savings whilst the minimal turbulence prevents wear even in low-flow, partially open state conditions, resulting in a far wider operating range and low whole-life costs.

The N Type Ring Disc Nozzle Check Valve sizes range from DN300 (12”) up to DN2200 (88”), have a Metal to Metal seat and are available with a choice of face to face dimensions, materials, pressure ratings and flange connections ranging from Pressure Class PN10 to PN400 and up to ANSI 2500.

The range of spring options with differing stiffness allows each valve to be optimised and matched specifically to the application. This ensures the valve is fully open at a minimum fluid velocity of as low as 1.5m/s, has very low head loss and the short stroke, low weight Disc ensures a rapid Non-Slam Non-Return Valve performance.

With no elastomers, no wearing parts and a WRAS approved Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating, the design is Maintenance Free and suitable for buried service. Supplied compliant to DWI Regulation 31(4)(b) and WIMES 8.09 i1, it meets all the relevant UK standards and is perfectly designed for the UK Water Industry.

  • Ring Disc & Diffuser Non-Slam Nozzle Check Valve
  • Compact, Standard & High Performance designs
  • Sizes DN300 up to DN2200
  • Standard Flange Connections to DIN (EN1092-2) PN10 & PN16
  • Working pressures up to 400 Bar
  • Pressure Class options up to PN400 & ANSI 2500
  • Frictionless, maintenance free, multi-spring radial disc guide assembly
  • Multiple Spring Torques for optimised performance
  • Wide range of body, diffuser and internal materials
  • WRAS approved Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating
  • Maintenance free design suitable for buried service
  • Compliant to DWI UK Drinking Water Regulations 31(4)(b)
  • Generally compliant to WIMES 8.09i1 for the UK Water Industry
  • PED certified

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