Pressure Sustaining Valves

Singer Valve manufacture an innovative range of Pressure Sustaining Valves for maintaining upstream pressure in Water Industry applications. The Pressure Sustaining Valves operate by the Type 81-RP pilot valve sensing upstream pressure through a connection to the valve inlet.

The valve and pilot remain closed until the inlet pressure exceeds the pilot setting. Should the upstream pressure fall below the set-point, the valve will close or modulate to ensure that the required pressure set-point is maintained. This type of Control Valve is widely used in the Clean Water Industry to control water distribution to domestic dwellings.

MGA Controls Ltd are experts in the specification and supply of Pressure Sustaining Valves for a wide range of industries and applications.

Allow us to fully understand your application details, specifications and any other special considerations before recommending the perfect product for the job. Contact our technical sales team today on 01704 898980 or email

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