Surge Anticipating Valves

Singer Valve manufactures a wide range of Surge Anticipating Valves to combat potentially damaging surges in water and wastewater applications. The aim is to avoid the severe water hammer which is often associated with pressure surges created by pump power failures.

The Surge Anticipating Valves contain 2 pilot valves, both of which sense pressure through a connection to the header pipe. The high pressure pilot opens the main valve to relieve excess pressure. The low pressure pilot opens quickly when it senses below normal pressures, prior to the return of a surge wave and therefore initiating the opening of the main valve in anticipation of the pressure surge.

MGA Controls Ltd are experts in the specification and supply of Surge Anticipating Control Valves for a wide range of industries and applications.

Allow us to fully understand your application details, specifications and any other special considerations before recommending the perfect product for the job.

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