MGA Controls Ltd have been a supplier of Orbinox Knife Gate Valves since 2013 and are now proud to be their official partner, supplying their range of associated Knife Gate Valves into the UK Water Industry.

Orbinox have designed, manufactured and delivered Bi- & Uni-Directional Knife Gate Valves around the globe for upwards of 50 years. Continuous investment into improving manufacturing facilities and product development ensures a range of high quality Knife Gate Valves, with long term reliability and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Orbinox operate under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System, assuring a professional service. The valves are certified under the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directives, CE Marked, certified for Hazardous Area environments and meet the UK Water Industry requirements of WIMES 8.09i1.

The Bi-Directional Orbinox Knife Gate Valves are manufactured with a unique and patented design. A precision CNC machined ‘monoblock’ body up tp DN500 with much reduced dimensional tolerances allows for perfect adjustment of the body, gate and uniquely patented seal. This results in a fully guided gate, assured 100% Bi-Directional shut-off, low friction and operating torques and the cavity free body minimises the chance of gate seizure due to a build-up of solids over time. From DN600 upwards the 2 part body is still internally machined with the same benefits as the smaller valves.

The Uni-Directional Orbinox Valve has a range of Seat options to suit a wide range of industrial applications, minimising body cavities and achieving low torque, 100% shut-off and Uni-Directional Isolation.

Orbinox Knife Gate Valves are available up to DN1200 and all sizes of bodies are full ported for maximum flow capacity and minimal head loss.

In addition to the standard ranges of Knife Gate Valves, Orbinox can offer V ports and fabricate bespoke valves to meet the most arduous of applications from a range of special materials.

Actuation can be achieved via various means and for a range of reasons including;

  • Hand Wheel – the standard method of operation
  • Chain Wheel – for elevated applications
  • Lever – for quick opening and closing applications
    Pneumatic – Single Acting (Air to Open or Close) for an automatic fail-safe option under local, remote or automated control
  • Lever – for quick opening and closing applications
    Pneumatic – Single Acting (Air to Open or Close) for an automatic fail-safe option under local, remote or automated control”
  • Pneumatic – Double Acting for fail stay-put or with a reservoir for potential operation on power failure under local, remote or automated control
  • Hydraulic – for large and high-pressure applications
    Bevel Gear & Handwheel – for 90°operation or for high pressure applications and valve sizes >DN350
  • Electrically Actuated – offers a variety of control and feedback features under local, remote or automated control with a Rising Stem option
  • Square Nut (Cap Top) – for extended spindle mounting, Tee-Key operation or to prevent unauthorised operation

To support the range there are also a number of accessories available;

  • Fail Safe Systems
  • Locking devices
  • Proximity switches
  • Stem extensions
  • Mechanical stops
  • Limit switches
  • Manual override
  • Spindle extensions
  • Solenoid valves
  • Floor stands

For valves mounted with the gate not in the vertical, please contact the office for recommendations regarding support.

To view our full range of Knife Gate Valves, click on the links below. In order to allow us to fully understand your application requirements and recommend a solution to meet your needs, contact our Water Industry sales team on 01704 898980 or [email protected]

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