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MGA Controls Ltd can provide a comprehensive range of Eccentric Plug Valves for use in many industries, such as Process, Oil & Gas, Water, Wastewater Treatment, Irrigation, Pharmaceutical and Power.

Our range of Plug Valves includes lubricated plug valves and non-lubricated plug valves, which are available in a wide range of different body materials, seating materials and sizes. Our Plug Valves can meet the requirements of many applications from potable water to abrasive slurries and corrosive chemicals.

We are pleased to announce that the Val-Matic Cam-Centric® Eccentric Plug Valve not only meets the BS 5158 standard for the water industry, it also meets WIMES 8.09, making the product a quality, trusted choice for your water and wastewater application.

MGA Controls Ltd works very close with Val-Matic to supply the Water and Wastewater industry with Plug Valves. Val-Matic have designed and manufactured an Eccentric Plug Valve called the Cam-Centric Plug Valve. The Cam-centric plug valve takes all the design features found in most high quality Plug Valves, and improves them through innovative design and technology to provide the market with a more efficient, more reliable and cost-effective plug valve.

We have given you an overview of the specification we can provide below, but for more information or for specific materials or designs, please call us on 01704 898980 or send us an email at

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