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I/P Converters, also known as E/P Converters or current to pressure converters, are a highly technical device, used in a range of process industry applications. I/P Converters operate by taking an electric current and converting it into a proportional pressure output. In their most basic form, E/P Converters are precise proportional valves, designed to deliver accurate downstream pressure to a system.

Ideal for applications where a variable pressure is required, but remote regulation and accuracy are key, I/P Converters are often used in the UK for gas distribution systems. Most commonly, the electric current from an I/P Converter is either 4…20mA, or 0…10v. Outputs can range depending on the individual specification of a E/P converter unit. Watson Smith and Norgren are leading manufacturers, producing ATEX I/P Converters, intrinsically safe, and general use I/P converters.

Current to pressure converters are suitable for a wide range of applications, as they boast high stability, low maintenance and wide range of air supply options. This range of features means an E/P Converter can be applied in demanding, natural gas applications, to more general industry use. Watson Smith also has a range of ATEX I/P Converters, that are suitable for use in hazardous environments.

As Watson Smith and Norgren partners, MGA Controls Ltd has a wide range of I/P Converters, available to purchase from stock. Allow us to fully understand your application requirements and recommend a proportional valve solution to meet your needs. To view our full range of E/P Converters, click on the links below or contact our sales team on 01704 898980 or store@mgacontrols.co.uk.

An I/P Converter, also known as a current to pressure converter, converts an analogue signal into proportional linear pneumatic output. By doing this, the E/P Converter controls the amount and flow of pressure in a piece of machinery.
Working on the same operating principle as a proportional valve, I/P Converters use an electromagnetic force to transfer electrical signals into pneumatic signals.
I/P Converters from Watson Smith are known for their extreme reliability, repeatability and accuracy. For more information on our range of E/P Converters, visit our webstore or contact our technical team today.

Watson Smith manufacture a wide range of I/P Converters, suitable for various industrial applications. Their range includes, intrinsically safe and ATEX I/P Converters.
An intrinsically safe current to pressure converter can be applied to any industry where weathering may usually be an issue for effective machinery operation. Similarly, ATEX I/P Converters are often used in dangerous environments, where hazardous or reactive chemicals are used.
For more information on our range of I/P Converters, visit our webstore or contact our technical team today.

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