2-Way Solenoid Valves

2-Way Solenoid Valves are used widely in the process industry to control the flow of media through a pipe. Having just two ports, they are otherwise known as on/off solenoid valves, 2/2 solenoid valves, or 2 port 2 position solenoid valves. They are available in two functions, normally closed or normally open.

Normally Closed two way solenoid valves require power before allowing the flow of media, and can operate without the need for any differential pressure. Once power is removed, the valve will spring closed, providing a tight seal. Normally Open 2/2 solenoid valves operate in exactly the opposite way, allowing flow in their resting state. Once power is applied, the valve will close and will remain closed until power is removed, when the valve will spring open.

2-Way solenoid valves are available in a range of materials including brass, stainless steel and plastic, and are suitable for use with a range of media such as water, light oils, air and steam. Specialist valves are available for highly demanding applications, including ATEX certification for Hazardous Area duty.

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