Gas Solenoid Valves

Commonly referred to as a gas solenoid, Gas Solenoid Valves can be found in a range of both industrial and residential applications. The valve works by translating electrical impulses in order to open or close the valve. In turn, this controls the flow of gas through the circuit, enhancing the functionality of a machine.

Solenoid valves for gas are often manufactured using robust materials, including brass, stainless steel and light weight die-cast aluminium, and are available in sizes ranging from DN8 up to DN150.

Gas solenoid valves are built with intrinsic safety and are only available in Normally Closed variants meaning that if power fails, the valve closes immediately, stopping the flow of potentially explosive gases.

MGA Controls supply gas solenoid valves, from leading manufacturers. Our range of valves are all manufactured in accordance with the BS EN 161 standards and can be used in a wide range of applications including industrial gas burners, atmospheric gas boilers, industrial kilns and other gas consuming applications.

The MGA Controls technical team are fully trained in our range of gas solenoid valves and are on hand to offer application advice. With over 30 years’ experience in the Engineering Industry, allow us to share our knowledge with you by understanding your requirements, and recommending the best instrument for the application.

To discuss your Gas Solenoid Valve requirements in more detail, call the MGA Controls technical team on 01704 898980 or email

MGA Controls Ltd are partners with gas solenoid valve manufacturers Elektrogas who manufacture a range of gas solenoid valves that are specifically designed for natural gas applications such as blocking and releasing controls in gas burners, atmospheric gas boilers, industrial kilns and other gas consuming applications.

ASCO has a wide range of gas solenoid valves, designed to control the flow of fuel gas. These valves are available in 2-way normally closed, manual reset, and 3-way diversion varieties.

Bürkert also produce solenoid valves for gas. They are suitable for aggressive or neutral media and are applicable in various temperature and pressure ranges.

A gas solenoid valve can be used in many applications, including commercial and residential devices. Commercial uses of gas solenoid valves generally include pneumatic machinery that uses gas pressure to move its parts and manufacturing facilities might use solenoid valves to control the movement of gases used in their manufacturing processes. Gas Burners, Atmospheric Gas Boilers and Industrial Kilns or Ovens are also common commercial applications. Residential use often includes washing machines and dishwashers.

The average working temperature of a gas solenoid can range from anything between -15 to 60°C. However, this is likely to depend on the material composition of the valve so it may be best contacting MGA Controls to discuss this further.

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