Foot Valves

MGA Controls Ltd can provide a comprehensive range of Foot Valves for use in many applications such as preventing back-flow in a suction line or maintaining the continuous presence of suction within the pump. They operate in much the same way as a check valve, but are designed to maintain a suction pressure and filter out any loose debris that may harm the pump.

Our range of Foot valves are suitable for many industries such as Process, Oil & Gas, Water, Wastewater Treatment & Irrigation, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Power and Process industries.

Our comprehensive range of Foot Valves are available in a wide range of metallurgies, seating materials, valve coatings and sizes and can meet the requirements of many applications from potable water to abrasive slurries and corrosive chemicals. They are available in sizes ranging from 2″…16″ and suit flange classes ANSI 125 or 250.

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