Rotex Solenoid Valves

Rotex is a world leading manufacturer of solenoid valves for the process industry and has supplied more than nine million solenoid valves worldwide since launching in 1967. During that time, Rotex has developed a broad range of solenoid valves, including numerous 2-way, 3-way and 5-way solenoids. Rotex also specialises in NAMUR, redundant, high-pressure, pilot-operated, direct-acting, and explosion-proof solenoids.

Rotex solenoid valves are a firm favourite across many process industries, from oil and gas to the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and petrochemical sectors. At MGA Controls, we supply a comprehensive selection of direct lift solenoid valves and internally piloted solenoid valves from the extensive Rotex portfolio of products. With well over 600 Rotex solenoid valves to choose from, our peerless selection means we are certain to have a reliable, durable and cost-effective Rotex solenoid valve for your application.

MGA Controls is an official UK supplier of Rotex solenoid valves. Our superior knowledge and experience of Rotex valves, actuators and positioners ensure that we can guarantee an efficient and effective fluid control solution for your needs. We are proud to deliver high-quality products and services to the process industry and collaborate with our customers to provide optimal solutions that consistently meet their business needs.

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