Water slam is a commonly occurring problem in pumping systems.  It occurs after pump stoppage when system flow reverses back up the pump before a check valve is fully shut.  The closed valve suddenly stops the column of water resulting in a water hammer which can potentially damage the whole pumping system.

Valmatic Check Valves

Valmatic produce a range of check valves which can eliminate waterslam.  Their check valves have proved successful in many water and wastewater applications. One of their most innovative check valves is the Surgebuster Check Valve.

Valmatic Surgebuster Check Valve

The Surgebuster check valve by Valmatic is specially engineered to eliminate slam by closing quickly.  The Surgebuster is designed to handle extreme applications, it is superior to other check valves in the way it can handle high head applications, multiple pump systems and systems known to surge.

The Valmatic Surgebuster works by giving rapid closure through a short stroke of 35° and can maintain a 100% flow area.

Its patented Disc Accelerator makes it unique.  The disc Accelerator is a precision-formed stainless steel mechanism that closes the disc rapidly minimising flow reversal and avoiding water slam while allowing the disc to be stabilized under flow conditions.

Examples of where the Surgebuster Check Valve has been successful in real-life application in the USA are detailed below:

City of Fresno Water Department in California:-

The problem:

The water department was suffering valve slam at their well stations.  After attempting to fix the problem with globe control valves they tried using plug valves with actuators and installed pulse cards to slow the flow, preventing slam.  This was unsuccessful as the valves allowed flow reversal before the valve was fully closed allowing water slam to occur.

The Solution:

After installation of the ValMatic Surgebuster Check Valve at the pumping station water slam was eliminated.  The department has since placed additional orders to replace its pumping system valves with the Surgebuster at the city’s most demanding well stations.

Val-Matics Surgebuster succeeded in stopping water slam where other valves have failed, thus giving the product huge credibility.

Waste Water Treatment Plant- North Texas:-

The problem:

The plant was using traditional weight and lever air cushioned swing check valves which were breaking down.  Attempts to repair these valves were unsuccessful and they continued to break down resulting in massive water hammer damage.

The original valves they used were no longer reliable from manufacturers and they struggled to find a valve to fit their unique situation which was the vertical run in the pipe after the pump, causing extremely fast flow reversals and water hammer after power failure.

Installation of external springs and cables to the existing air cushioned swing check valves was made in attempt to eliminate slamming.  This was unsuccessful as the valves were still closing hard. Also the use of levers, cables and springs anchored to the floor in the existing valves proposed a very dangerous situation.

The solution:

A Val-Matic Surgebuster Check valve was installed in the place of the traditional swing check valve solving the problem of water slam.  The systems operator also noted that noise levels reduced dramatically.  The plant has continued to use the ValMatic Surgebuster Check Valve to replace other broken valves when applicable.

MGA Controls Ltd are the exclusive UK distributor for Valmatics superior product range, and have been successful in specifying Valmatic product’s into a number of water companies in the UK. For any more information on Valmatic Check Valves please visit our Valmatic Check Valves page, or phone our technical experts on +44 (0) 8444 501123.